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What is Shotcrete?

At Yoder Home Services, our main goal is to serve our clients by improving their home. We are not your ordinary construction company, serving Elkhart county, Indiana and the surrounding area. We currently provide 11 home services, one of which is known as Shotcrete.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete, sometimes also referred to as gunite or sprayed concrete, is a mixture of cement, water, and various aggregates up to a maximum of 10mm in size. This mixture is then projected at high velocity through a hose, usually onto a supporting base structure such as steel rods, fiber, or steel mesh.

Properties of Shotcrete


Shotcrete can contain less water and be propelled at high velocities which leads to compaction of the material. Compaction increases the strength of the concrete naturally. According to The Constructor, shotcrete can demonstrate up to 30% higher strength over traditional concrete.

Higher Density and Lower Permeability

As previously mentioned, shotcrete becomes more compact due to ingredients of the mixture and velocity, however it also increases in density. This compaction of material also leads to a decrease in permeability due to the higher density of concrete. 

Freeze/Thaw Resistance

With concrete, as permeability increases, freeze and thaw resistance decreases. Shotcrete’s lower permeability means that it has a higher resistance to freezing and thawing events.

Wet vs. Dry Application Process of Shotcrete

Shotcrete can be applied using two different methods; a wet or dry application with the main difference being the use of water.

Why Use Shotcrete: The Advantages

Using shotcrete becomes beneficial when trying to build in hard to reach areas or underground construction as well as free formed structures.

Saving Money

The main advantage to shotcrete is that it saves money over traditional methods of pouring concrete in various ways.


Shotcrete uses pneumatic pressure to cover desired areas, which reduces the time and effort it would take over traditional concrete methods, which saves in labor costs.


Another advantage of using shotcrete is that there is less setup and material requirements over traditional methods. This saves money for the simple fact that less materials are needed to be able to spray. 

Saving Time

Due to the relatively low setup time, shotcrete saves on construction time. This allows for construction to move faster and for more to get accomplished in a shorter amount of time. 

Advantageous Properties

As covered above, shotcrete provides advantages over traditional concrete set and pour methods. These include a higher strength and density, as well as a lower permeability and better freeze and thaw resistance. 

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