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Sewage Backup

Some things in life aren’t apparent until it’s too late. One problem on the rise annually is a particularly dangerous and disgusting problem: sewage backup.

How does someone know when their sewer system is faulty? Who is at fault and what kind of warnings are there to minimize the costs and damages? We can help with any questions a property or business owner may have regarding their sewage line. We have qualified and committed experts dedicated to answering questions and working out solutions for sewage backup.

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Just as it sounds, sewage backup is when sewer lines, pipes or drains are clogged or start to deteriorate causing a plethora of issues. Those issues are reflected in high costs and could even impact a family’s well-being.

Sewage backup can impact everything from floors to walls, and also cause costly and dangerous problems with a homeowners electrical system.

We know what to look for, our top-notch equipment can detect unseen problems that slowly fester up before catastrophe ensues.

While property owners may not know until it is too late, there are certain signs someone can take into consideration beforehand.

Foul odors coming from the sink, tub, or any other drain in the home may be a leading indicator that a backup is occurring.

Gurgling and bubbling are two other signs that there may be something sinister happening in a property’s sewage system. Bubbling will typically occur after a flush or inside a sink as the water runs. This can mean further problems if it continues.

Other signs may include: slow draining, a leak in the basement after running water elsewhere, running one faucet that causes another in the home to backup, flooding or dripping pipes are a few warning signs a backup system is at fault.

One of the most common questions customers have is, whose fault is it?

Unless the homeowner can directly prove that the city was negligent on their part during an installation, repair or maintenance, it is unlikely that the city will be on the hook for damages.

Furthermore, it is increasingly hard to get the city to the foot the bill, because a municipality will typically have a strong system for repairs and installation to avoid those future problems from arising.

It’s also important to note that foreign objects flushed into drains are normally not the fault of the city. Items like grease, fats or oils (for example) are not the fault of the city.

That is why it is important to contact experts before the gradual problem gets worse. We’ve seen it all and our experts know exactly how to diagnose the problem and who is at fault.

Sometimes the most innocent reasons can cause a sewage line to overload. As mentioned above, we’ve seen fats, grease and oil contribute, just as shampoo and human hair has as well.

Other causes may include:

Poor infrastructure such as soil erosion causing a compromise around the sewage line.

Paper towels or baby wipes can impede the flow of the draining system.

Aging and growing tree roots can have a lasting and expensive impact inside a sewage system.

Heavy rains and storms.

If something is obstructing the free flow of a sewage drain, it could cause a buildup, health issues and other conflicts. That is why it is important to contact Yoder Home Services right away, before the problem turns disastrous.

Most policies do not cover a sewage backup and any of the issues that arise from it. However, sewage backup insurance can be purchased as an additional item towards a policy for an affordable price. Most insurers make that form of coverage available.

Unless there is a specification to the policy, that a property is covered from sewage backup, typically the homeowner will have to foot the bill.

Don’t let an issue fester until it is too late. Contact us so we can assess any possible or potential damage caused by sewage backup today.