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What restoration services do we offer?

Keeping your home or office in mint condition is challenging. Between inspections and maintenance, you’ll want someone with expertise in the restoration industry. That is where we come in.

No matter how talented you are in DIY projects, it’s always advisable to leave larger projects to the professionals. At Yoder Home Services, located in Goshen, Indiana, we do whatever we can to maintain the glamour of your building. There are different services we offer. Find the one that best encompasses your needs and contact us for a quote.

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Most basements experience water damage at some point, which makes waterproofing the space more important than it seems. We have the necessary equipment and skills at Yoder Home Services to waterproof your basement so that water damage will not become a bother.

Encapsulation of the crawl space in your home prevents humidity from coming up and damaging the area. We encapsulate your crawl space for you, to get rid of moisture, prevent large pests, reduce utility costs, and other benefits.

Installing a dehumidifier in your home takes skills. Skills that you may or may not have if you’re a DIY homeowner. Let us handle this project for you so you can sleep easy knowing you’re getting the most out of your installation.

Yoder Home Services are your egress window and repair specialists. Serving the greater Elkhart County area, we would love to give you a free estimate on your egress installation or repair project.

This is more than mopping up floors. We’ll help you stop structural damage fast by bringing our professionalism to play. When we’re done, we’ll leave your home clean and safe again.

Your number one priority once you’ve identified clear foundational issues is to call certified specialists like Yoder Home Services. The sooner we can get in and investigate the issue for you, the less damage you’ll accrue and the easier the fix will be. Go for quick simplicity versus putting it off until your foundational issues fissure into something larger.

As we recover from this horrible virus, we want to be there to help. Our Covid-19 fogging treatment can be the barrier that keeps your family or business safe.

Mold remediation involves the entire process of removal, cleaning, sanitizing, and any other treatment involved in getting rid of unwanted mold and its effects. Once we verify that your home has mold in it, we’ll need to act quickly to get rid of it using various methods in our arsenal. Our chief aim is to protect you and your family from the negative health effects associated with mold buildup in close proximity to people.

Everyone wants to live in a space that smells fresh. If your home is giving off bad odors, you must stop them at the source and replace them. Over the year’s we’ve become masters at sniffing out the location of nasty smells and removing them for good.

Shotcrete is typically used for overhead or vertical surfaces that are difficult to apply manually. The impact of the shotcrete on hard to reach forms and shapes creates a strong substrate that you can count on to shore up whatever it’s applied to.