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Flood Cleanup

Indiana is historically a wetland. That means it’s highly susceptible to flooding. Our company is comprised of a team of experts with many years of experience in flood management and restoration. Floods cannot be foreseen and even when it rains, it is not easy to tell when you will be the next victim. We offer flood restoration to home owners in Elkhart, Indiana and ensure they get their money’s worth and get their lives back after a disaster.​

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The best way to clean up after a flood is first, to rescue what you can. A flooded garage, for example, might have a lot of valuables that have survived the deluge. Get all of these items out of the garage. Next get the water out. Your enemy is mold, and mold grows on moisture. When you have removed your items and cleaned out the water, you will need an expert. Yoder Home Services will restore your space and ensure that it is all checked out and repaired to be livable once again.

Cleaning out a flooded garage requires the removal of unaffected items and standing water. If you are unable to get the water out yourself, Yoder Home Services is well equipped with the manpower and machinery to ensure that your garage is cleaned out professionally.

If there is carpet or a floor that is likely to have been destroyed by water damage, then you’ll want this taken care of by a team or individual with enough experience. We ensure that the water is taken out and your floors assessed to look at the extent of the damage. After this is done, our specialist will work with you to repair and overall restore your home.

Water damage has varying degrees. A flood in your home could have huge amounts of damage that you might even be unaware of just by looking at the room. It is always advisable to get help from a professional who will be able to look at the situation with years of experience at their disposal. Once the scope of the damage is assessed, we ensure our clients know what their situation is, as well as what exactly they need to do to restore their homes.