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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is perhaps the first innovation of mankind, and is incredibly handy in both domestic and industrial situations. As we all know, however, fire can also bring devastation when mishandled. Fire damage restoration is an unfortunate necessity because fire so often gets out of control before fire fighters can be called to the scene to mitigate damage.

Photo showing an interior of a house that has been severely damaged by fire

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In recent years, fire has caused much harm for both private and public properties. The end result is never positive, and often creates scars that don’t heal easily. Yoder Home Services will help you restore your life to where it was just before the fire. We are the best fire damage restoration company in Elkhart, IN, and are committed to you and your home.

After a total cleanup of your property and possessions, we’ll get them running to their previous condition before the fire. Our trained and certified technicians have state of the art equipment and cleaning products to ensure everything is done right.

At Yoder Home Services, we offer professionals who will ask a few vital questions before dispatching a unit to your area.

Inspectors will look over the property to determine the extent of the fires so as to develop an action plan and assess the fire damage restoration costs.

After cleaning your property and appliances, we typically offer repair and construction services, replacing the drywall, painting and much more. In case there is major work to be done our team of fire restoration contractors is on standby to ensure that everything is done not only perfectly but to your satisfaction.

Fire damage restoration ensures that the property and home of the customer are returned to their pre-incident conditions.