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Dos and Don’ts for Basement Waterproofing

Do: Find the Source of Water

The first step to basement waterproofing is to find the source of water. If you have a leaky window or door, cracks in your foundation, or poor drainage around your home, these could be the cause of your water problems. Once you have found the source of water, you can begin to take steps to fix the problem.

Do: Check Your Window Wells

Window wells are a common source of water in basements. If you have window wells, make sure that they are properly installed and maintained. Check for cracks or holes in the window well liner and make sure that the drains are clear.

Do: Keep Water Away From Your Foundation

One of the best ways to keep water out of your basement is to make sure that it does not come in contact with your foundation. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clean and free of debris. Also, ensure that there is proper drainage around your home.

Do: Install a Sump Pump

If you live in an area where flooding is common, or if you have a history of water in your basement, then you may want to consider installing a sump pump. A sump pump will help to remove water from your basement before it has a chance to cause damage.

Don’t: Ignore Warning Signs

If you notice cracks in your walls or floors, musty odors, or pooled water in your basement, these are warning signs that you have a water problem. Ignoring these warning signs will only make the problem worse and can lead to expensive repairs.

Don’t: Apply Sealer Directly To Paint

If you are going to seal your basement walls or floors, make sure that you do not apply the sealer directly to paint. Applying sealer to painted surfaces can cause the paint to peel and flake.

Don’t: Overlook Interior Drainage Solutions

In addition to exterior solutions like gutters and downspouts, you may also need to install interior drainage solutions like French drains or sump pumps. These solutions can help to remove water from your basement before it has a chance to cause damage.

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