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Basement Waterproofing

If you intend to do basement waterproofing then Yoder Home Services is ready to help you!

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We will need to visit your home for an on-site inspection and personal consultation before we can adequately quote this for you. The total cost of basement waterproofing will depend on whether you are doing the entire waterproofing or you are doing minor repairs.

Yes, you can seal your basement from the inside.

This is particularly necessary when the foil has some condensation on the interior surface.  This means that the the soil around your foundation is naturally damp, probably due to poor soil drainage or a high water table. If you see excess water, just contact Yoder Home Services and we will waterproof your interior walls.  We have varied ways of doing this.  We can use concrete basement waterproofing coatings, use plastic sheets or silicate based sealers if your wall is not painted.  We help you choose the best basement sealing method depending on the unique needs and design of your house.

There are many ways. Plugs like hydraulic cement or polyurethane caulk are available, as well as other waterproofing materials.

Use Valspar basement paint which is long lasting and high quality. This paint has numerous benefits compared to other paints. You have limitless alternatives when it comes to choosing the color coupled with the fact that the retailers are accessible and you will not travel long distances looking for a store that stocks the product.

Give us a call. We will walk with you through the restoration process to ensure that your basement is not only repaired but maintained in such a way that it keeps your foundation strong. We are committed to serving you and customizing your services as much as you’d like us to.